Dartmoor National Park

Dartmoor National Park is an incredible place, there’s no doubt about it.  It is situated fairly centrally within Devon, and is one of the gems of this beautiful county.  Covering approximately 368 square miles, it is always possible to get off the beaten track and to find one’s own space, even on the busiest summer day of the year.  It is a place that everyone should experience at some stage of their life, since it is unique and very special.

Dartmoor offers a great deal to the visitor for many reasons.  It truly is a place for those seeking outdoors experiences and activities – horse riding, hiking, climbing, kayaking, cycling, fishing – these and many other things can be done that embrace the outdoors.  Even wild camping is allowed, the only place in England where this is the case!

The National Park is a pure and clean place, where nature is able to thrive, and the ponies, cows and sheep wander freely.  There is a wonderful feeling of space, and when driving across the open moors, you will often find that you have to make way for the livestock, rather charmingly!

The Bronze Age was a notably busy period for Dartmoor, and today visitors can see evidence in abundance on the moors.  There are said to be the remains of over 5,000 Bronze Age huts within the National Park, along with numerous standing stones, stone rows, stone circles, and other remains.  There are also remains from the medieval period and the tin mining period, so there’s history right under one’s feet much of the time.

Add in the spectacular landscapes (great for photography), the granite tors, the mysterious prison, and the legends and myths that abound, and one can easily spend a great deal of time on Dartmoor.

Three tours that feature Dartmoor are The Ultimate Dartmoor Experience, The Best of Devon Tour, and The Hound of the Baskervilles Tour, but I can also tailor make Dartmoor tours especially for you and your party.

For further reference to what Dartmoor can offer, please refer to Visit Dartmoor, of which I am proud to be an ambassador.  The Dartmoor National Park Authority is another organisation that I have the deepest respect for.