The Historic Buildings of Devon Tour

  • Interior of Exeter Cathedral
  • The lake and house at Great Fulford
  • Berry Pomery Castle near Totnes
  • Daffodils in front of the Spanish Barn at Torre Abbey in Torquay
  • Holy Trinity Church at Buckfastleigh
  • Guests on a guided tour of Exeter Cathedral
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This enticing tour gives guests a wonderful insight into some of Devon’s most impressive and historical buildings. But rather than being a dull day full of nothing but facts, this day is actually intriguing and memorable, and provides guests with the chance to have some fairly unique experiences.

Guests get to pick from a selection of places to visit, and the guarantee is that each one of these places has its own story to tell! It is definitely feasible to visit two such properties in one day, or possibly three, depending upon which ones are chosen, and guests will certainly be advised about a good running order for the day. Properties to choose from include Exeter Cathedral, Powderham Castle, Buckfast Abbey, Great Fulford, Buckland Abbey, Berry Pomeroy, Coombe Trenchard, Fursdon House, Tiverton Castle and more.

At some of the properties a private guided tour can be offered, adding to the enchantment and uniqueness of the day. The one thing that all of the properties have in common is that they are old, sometimes very old, so you will spend your day walking amongst history, with anecdotes aplenty ringing in your ears by the end of the day.

This is very much a tailor made tour, built specifically to suit your interests, so please get in touch and we can start to create your perfect day out, stepping back in time to hear about the people that built and lived in these wonderful old buildings.


9.00 am – collection from your accommodation.

Morning – visit to a first historical property.

12.00 pm – lunch at a traditional Devon inn.

1.30 pm – visit to a second historical property.

3.30 pm – visit to a third historical property (if logistically viable).

5.30 pm – return to your accommodation.

Tour Information

What's included:  Alex's services as your award winning tour guide, transport in our vehicle, and any parking charges applicable to our vehicle.  We also provide complimentary bottled water.
What's not included:  Any refreshments, meals, drinks and any other purchases you make on the day.
Please bring:  Suitable clothing and footwear for the conditions.
Top tip:  If you're not sure which properties to choose, please feel free to ask us for more information - we're here for you, after all!
Price:  1 - 2 guests: £450
3 - 4 guests: £525
5 - 6 guests: £595
Plus entrance fees to properties where applicable