The People of Devon Tour

  • Guests walking with Ken the shepherd and his dog, Matt
  • Looking across the lake at Great Fulford
  • Ken and Matt in action as shepherd and sheepdog
  • A flock of sheep having been herded
  • Admiring a painting inside Great Fulford
  • Matt running through the grass
  • Guests on a guided tour of Great Fulford
  • Matt and Ken, sheepdog and shepherd
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On this tour you will get a remarkable and unique opportunity to experience the true diversity of Devon life by meeting two of our great local characters. From the extreme contrast of an ‘old school’ aristocrat whose ancestors hang, portrayed in oil paintings, throughout his home, to the humble and tough life of a man who has worked on the land since he was just a small boy.

Set within the 3000 acre family estate, we’ll start the day at Great Fulford, where the same family has lived for over 800 years. Lord of the Manor, Francis Fulford, or possibly his wife Kishanda, will personally provide us with a private guided tour of this fascinating old house.

You will get a unique glimpse into what it is like to cope with such a legacy, how they live daily life and how they have had to adapt in order to retain their foothold in this immense place. Not only are the house and grounds something to behold, but the family that live here are colourful too, and have even had several television shows made about them.

From there we will travel on to our lunch stop for the day, a characterful and charming old country pub called the Nobody Inn, where the food and drink choice is quite excellent. Refreshed and energised we move on in the afternoon to meet a lovely local farmer and shepherd called Ken, who will spend the next couple of hours giving us a demonstration of how he works on his farmland with his incredibly clever and well trained sheepdog, Matt.

Ken will explain what it’s been like to live in such a wild place for the whole of his life, as well as how he copes as a farmer in this foreboding landscape. This is certainly one of our guests’ favourite things to do, and it provides an unforgettable insight into life on Dartmoor.


9.00 am – collection from your accommodation.

Morning – visit to Great Fulford.

12.30pm – lunch at The Nobody Inn at Doddiscombsleigh.

Afternoon – sheepdog experience with Ken and Matt.

5.30pm – return to your accommodation.

Tour Information

What's included:  Alex's services as your award winning tour guide, private guided tour of Great Fulford and the sheepdog experience, transport in our vehicle, and any parking charges applicable to our vehicle.  We also provide complimentary bottled water.
What's not included:  Any refreshments, meals, drinks and any other purchases you make on the day.
Please bring:  Suitable clothing and footwear for the conditions, and bear in mind that in can get quite a bit cooler (and wetter!) when on Dartmoor National Park.
Top tip:  We don't actually have a top tip for this day - it's one to just enjoy, and to take away fabulous memories of the people you've met and the stories you've heard!
Price:  1 - 2 guests: £570
3 - 4 guests: £630
5 - 6 guests: £670