Churches of Devon

Devon has an incredible 618 Church of England churches, and each one is different from the next, so regardless of one’s religious beliefs, visiting some of these churches is an intriguing and worthwhile thing to do.  These churches were historically the bedrock of each society that they served, so they tell a multitude of tales, both in terms of the people that have worshipped and been buried there, and in terms of the architecture and detail of the buildings.

There are certain churches that I enjoy taking guests to as they are either a complete one off, or they tell a particular tale.  For instance, during The Hound of the Baskervilles Tour that I offer, we visit three different churches in the morning, as they all have a strong link to this most famous of detective stories.

Another reason for me to visit churches with guests is on a family history tour, which I do fairly regularly.  The community church is the one place that you can virtually guarantee a person’s ancestors will have spent time at, so guests literally walk in their forebear’s footsteps.  This can be a special moment for guests who have spent years researching their genealogy from afar.