Photography and photographic instruction

Being a keen amateur photographer myself, I have spent a lot of time seeking out great viewpoints in the area, so during our days out I am more than happy to share this knowledge with you.  Devon is highly regarded for its photogenic qualities, with its beautiful rolling hills, its magnificent coastline, its picturesque towns and villages, and the spectacular Tors of Dartmoor.  If you just want to take some snaps to remember your holiday by, or if you want to immerse yourself in getting up at dawn to get the best light, I can shape your time with me perfectly.  Alternatively, I am happy to be your photographer for the duration of your stay, after which I will create a photo book that you can enjoy for years to come.  This way you ensure that all of your party can always be in shot!  I’ve made a few of my own photo books in the past, and they really are great coffee table fillers!

If you want to expand your photographic knowledge and skills for maybe a half or a full day, I have two professional photographer contacts who, if available, can share their experience, creative know how and technical knowledge with you, leaving you a step or two ahead of where you were before the day began.  Richard Garvey-Williams and David Clapp are both exceptional photographers who are currently pushing the boundaries of photography, and they happen to live close by, so let me know if some time with either of them appeals to you.

If you want to know more about this subject and how Alex can build this and / or other trips into your stay in Devon then contact him now on 01803 812556 / 07585 928070 or fill in the form.