Outdoor Pursuits and Alternative Sports

With the long Devon coastline and varied countryside, outdoor pursuits are far ranging and varied. Enough to suit any adventurous types, or maybe it is time to try something new and stretch yourself a bit!

Coasteering – this is a mixture of swimming, climbing, scrambling, traversing the coastline and jumping into the sea from height. A great outdoor pursuit that allows you to explore areas of the coast that you may not normally see whilst engaging in a thrilling journey which the Devon coastline with its varied terrain is perfect for.

Potholing – Climbing, crawling and squeezing through the underground world of Devon Caves is an exciting and interesting adventure. There a number of clubs around Devon organising safe and exciting courses for all abilities.

Archery – have you ever wondered what it might feel like to be Robin Hood? No! Well, fair enough, but archery really is a great fun pursuit, and in Devon you can have a go at it with a qualified instructor who will help you try and hit that Bullseye.

Segway - if you fancy trying something original and a bit different, than this is certainly for you. It isn’t what I would call a high energy pursuit, but more a fun and quirky experience. It is proving to be very popular, and is sure to live long in your memory for all the right reasons!

Wildwise – If you fancy trying your hand at being a boy scout, then going on a Wildwise course is the one for you. Based near Totnes, WildWise run courses and camps in bushcraft, survival skills, wildlife and nature awareness for adults, children and families. The WildWise staff have specialist skills and knowledge, all of which will enhance your experience with them.

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