English Eccentricity

If you are looking for something that sums up England, and the quirkiness that either delights or infuriates other nations, then I can take you to some places visit where this eccentricity can be seen in action.

A La Ronde – this is a real one off that can be described as quirky, fascinating and 16-sided!  Inside the collections of memorabilia and artefacts will hold your attention, and the guides will answer any questions with great knowledge and enthusiasm.  This is English eccentricity at its very best!

Great Fulford – there aren’t many places where you can find a family that has lived in one house for over 800 years, but Great Fulford, located near Exeter, is still home to the Fulford family after all this time.  I can arrange a private tour of the house with one of the Fulford family, which incorporates the Great Hall, The Great Parlour and many other rooms and the grounds.

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