Boating and the Sea

Devon, with all its land based wonders, also offers fantastic opportunities for those happy to be afloat.  I can arrange for you to canoe along the River Dart, one of the most beautiful rivers in the country.  Or I can arrange for a wildlife spotting trip, seeking out hidden coves and the nature that inhabits these places.  Or I can arrange for you to have a cream tea whilst floating gently along the river.  Or I can organise for you to take a boat trip along the coast, giving you a great view of the special coastline.  Or I can organise for you to charter a yacht, possibly something for the more experienced seafaring soul!

If you want to know more about this subject and how Alex can build this and / or other trips into your stay in Devon then contact him now on 01803 812556 / 07585 928070 or fill in the form.