American Connections

For those of you ‘from across the pond’, Devon has some points of interest that I can introduce you to in great depth.

Torcross and Exercise Tiger – Exercise Tiger, or Operation Tiger, was the code name for one in a series of large-scale rehearsals for the D-Day invasion of Normandy, which took place on Slapton Sands. Sadly, many hundreds of American soldiers were killed during the training when ambushed by Germans. We can visit the Sherman tank which was hauled off the sea bottom, and now acts as a memorial to those who lost their lives.

Dartmoor Prison – Built in 1806, this iconic prison was home to both French and American prisoners of war from 1809. Both French and American wars were concluded in 1815, and repatriations began. Unlocking the history of one of England’s most famous prisons, Dartmoor Prison Museum reflects the heritage of HMP Dartmoor from Prisoner of War Depot to the present day. I am able to organise a private guided tour of this quirky and fascinating museum, along with visits to both the Church and into the prison grounds to see the memorials to the American and French POWs.

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